Creating/learning Jutsu Rules

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Creating/learning Jutsu Rules

Post  Iwata Hyuga on Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:11 pm

All Jutsu's that you don't start off with must be learnt. All cannon (meaning jutsu's from the movies, Anime and Manga) are auto accepted. Here's the training requirements for learning jutsu:
E Rank: No training required, every one can do these with no training.
D Rank: Genin or above/or At least level 3
Must train for a total of 7 lines
C Rank: Chunin and above/or at least level 10
Must Train for a total of 15 lines
B: Rank: Jounin and above/or at least level 25
Must train for a total of 20
A Rank: Level 50 or above. Level 40 If you are Jonin
Must train for a total of 30 lines
Bloodline: Doesn't matter as long you have that bloodline.
Depends on the Jutsu. You be the judge. Any unfairness will be altered by the Admin
Forbidden: Level 55 or above regardless.
Total of 40 lines for training.

The level system is to show how powerful a ninja is. As rank is just a title. Seeing how a really powrful genin who doesn't participate in the chunin exams can be stronger than a chunin who refuses to train anymore. Obviously to get to that rank you have to be powerful, so certain ranks can learn jutsu regardless of level.
Special rank rules:
Missing-Nin: As these have no rank, you must be of the correct level to learn Jutsu, seeing as they have no rank in a village, BUT! If you leave the village and become missing Nin at say, a Jonin rank then that Missing-Nin can learn B Rank Jutsu regardless of level and A rank Jutsu if they are lvl 40.
Anbu: Anbu, in my opinion is of Jonin level, even though those below that can be ANBU, so just go along with Jonin requirements.
Hunter Nin: I'd say go with Jonin level again.
Mercenary: Go by Level since you have no alleigance.

Now you can create your own jutsu! Pay your Ryo to create Jutsu!
Here's the Pricing:
E-Rank Jutsu: 500 Ryo
D-Rank jutsu: 750 Ryo
C-Rank Jutsu: 1250 Ryo
B-Rank Jutsu: 2000 Ryo
A-Rank Jutsu: 3250 Ryo
Bloodline Jutsu: 4000 Ryo
Forbidden Jutsu: 5000 Ryo
Create your jutsu, once it's approved the cash sum will be deducted, and you will also have to train. Go by the training rules of the above.
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