Stats and Leveling

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Stats and Leveling

Post  Iwata Hyuga on Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:39 pm

Now your Ninja Cards display your profincency in Tai, Nin, Gen and Kenjutsu. You can modify these yourself and update them as you train and after missions.
For the average training, training one skill, increasing by about 100-200 is right. For each extra you train (e.g Tai and ninjutsu) half what you distribute, so if what was average, then it would be about 50-100 for each. And so on.
For every level you go up, you get a bonus 400 points to spend how you will.
Training increases you EXP but not as much as Missions do. Fights give EXP too.
1-2 EXP per Average fight and training session at level 1
The person who assigns the mission will give you EXP based on the mission.
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