Uchihas Special Training

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Uchihas Special Training

Post  Ryu Uchiha on Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:20 pm

Arrives at training ground to start his week of training. Activates sharingan, and forcuses chakra into palm and changes it into a electrical current, and runs towards a tree and preforms a chidori. But wants to see what his limit is so keeps preforming chidoris until is nearly out of chakra and learns can only preform three chidori's. Rests for the night and is ready to start a new day. the next two days are spent forcusing on wind element jutsu. First trys new jutsu that i was talking about. Forms a dragon made out of wind but fails to hold the form long enough. Feeling exhausted sleeps for the rest of the day. On the last day attempts air dragon jutsu one more time. and succeeds in being able to hold the dragons form but hasnt got the time to [perfect it and heads to the hokages office.

Not Bad.
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