Hokage's personal training grounds (By Invitation only!)

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Hokage's personal training grounds (By Invitation only!)

Post  Iwata Hyuga on Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:25 pm

At the Hokage's training grounds are state of the art of equipment. As of such all stat building and EXP gained is doubled.
The Hokage stood in the middle of his training ground. Ready to improve his taijutsu. He stood toe to toe with automated training dummy, his Byakugan ready for action. The dummy swung for Iwata's head, but Iwata ducked underneath the blow and jabbed the Dummy in the stomach, sealing it's simulated chakra point. He then spun round behind the dummy as it doubled over and kicked it into the back of the legs, knocking it over.
"Eight trigrams 32 palm!" He yelled. Sealing 32 chakra points. It was enough to disable the dummy and Iwata crushed it's wooden head beneath his foot.

So so.
12EXP *2=24
Taijutsu stats improvement 100*2=200
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