Mission Guidelines.

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Mission Guidelines.

Post  Iwata Hyuga on Mon Jul 20, 2009 9:27 pm

During a mission you will control the NPC who you must control, unless specified by the mission giver. However, if you do something innapropriate or something that should not or must not do, e.g your client giving you some kinda super potion to make you super powerful, your mission will be Insta-Fail, meaning you instantly fail the mission. However Minor wrongs won't be as severe, it will most likely be just an edit of your post to keep things on track. Thanks for reading this. During mercenary missions however, the person who gave the mission (meaning in a mercenary mission) may control the client during that mission. Kage's can also control the client in a mission, which is reccomended so a Kage can keep track of how well their ninja's perform during missions and who should be promoted. Thanks for reading.
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