What happens when you die

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What happens when you die

Post  Iwata Hyuga on Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:31 pm

When another player kills you or you die while roleplaying, here is what you can do.
Post a rebirth thread in character registration.
simply put. Re-post your Character registration.
When you do this you will be reborn as your old character. You can have 4 of your learnt Jutsu in your previous life, but one element. You will start with one quarter of previous Ryo (minimum 1000 Ryo) and you can have your starter rank or below without needing an example roleplay. E.g if you were a Chunin when you began in your previous life then you can be a Acedmy Student, Genin or Chunin without needing an Example Roleplay. (Excluding Kage, Black Op and Assasin). All EXP and rank points will be reset. However your Level will be retained.
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