Fighting Rules+EXP+Ryo

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Fighting Rules+EXP+Ryo

Post  Iwata Hyuga on Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:37 pm

This is the fighting rules.

How to fight by yourself
While Roleplaying you may decide you want to fight a random enemy, when this happens, roleplay the story, controlling your character and the enemy. Give yourself EXP and Ryo According to the difficulty of the battle. At level 1, 2 EXP and 50 Ryo is about right for an avergae difficulty battle. If a Mod/or Emperor decides it is too much then they will edit it and notify you.

How to fight against another player.
Create a battle thread in the forum that is CLOSEST to your location. If you're in the Chunin Exams post the thread in that Villages Forum. You and your oppenent take it in turns to post a minimum of two senteces each. A reaction to the previous action and your next action must be stated. Battle until one of you declares defeat or dies. Dialogue during the fight is reccommended as it adds spice to the battle Razz
Upon winning, give yourself EXP and Ryo according to the difficulty of the fight. At level 1 4 EXP and 100 Ryo is about right for an average battle. And a small bonus for each level higher they are than you. About X Ryo times 3 Times Y is about right (X Being your level, and Y being the difference in yours and your oppenents)E.g you are level 3, they are level 5, so you would gain 18 bonus Ryo (3x3x2=18)
the lower your rank and level, the harder a fight will be. Mods may intervene if a low ranking, low level Ninja such as a level 3 genin is holding out against say, a level 46 jonin, as this is not possible, please take into consideration yours and your oppenents level, any god ninjas will be warned, and if they continue to show poor sportsmanship, they will be banned. Once the battle is progressing the mod may go against a characters origianl idea (E.g Dodging, but the mod wants them to be hit) this is to prevent any god ninjas and is nessecary. Referees will be implemented in NvN (Ninja versus ninja) fights, Create a battle thread, and then wait for a referee to join.
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