how to get promoted in Rank

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how to get promoted in Rank

Post  Iwata Hyuga on Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:26 pm

Acedemy Student to Genin: This is simple. Just Roleplay your way through your Village's Acedemy. Must be at least 6 posts of at least 7 lines. Or a total of 42 lines.

Genin to Chunin: Wait for the Kages to announce which village the Chunin Exams will be in. Then Roleplay your way to that village. Then roleplay your way through the Chunin Exams. The Kage of that village and/or a maximum of two Jonins will vote who has passed and who has failed. An unlimited amount of people can pass or fail.
Chunin to Jonin: Reach 20000 rank Points. Either wait for the Kage to promote you or ask for a promotion. The kage will either promote you or assign you a mission. You must complete this mission and upon completion, depedning on how well you did said mission, you will either get promoted or not. You can apply for a promotion via PM once per week.
Jonin to Kage: Obtain 50000 rank points. Either challenge the Kage for the position of Kage. Usurp the Kage (this may throw the Village into turmoil). When usurping, you can recruit other Ninja to storm the Kage's mansion and kill the Kage. The third way is to advise (Nicely or threaten) the Kage to step down or wait for the kage to step down with asking. A better way then simply asking would to create a petition thread, get as many Ninja in your village to sign it and then show the petition to make them step down.

Special Ranks:
Missing Nin: Betray your village and escape, or cause a C rank or above crime and refrain punishment and escape village. Once becoming a missing nin, a bounty will be put on your head, specified by the Kage of your original village. Some other villages may try to capture you to. If you leave your village and attempt to join another, do so ASAP otherwise they may want to capture you!
Mercenary: Tell your Kage you are leaving the village and why, or choose this rank when creating a character. This is just to indicate that you have no village alleigance.
Black Op: These will be hand picked by the Kage. They will pick the most elite of their Ninja, regardless of rank. They will do more "shady" missions and covert missions. There can be as many or little Black Ops in a village.
Assasin: Same as Black Op. only they do the most nefarious deeds assigned to them such as hunting Missing-Nin or assisinating an official. anyone can hire an assasin.
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